We are married!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us last night!

We are overwhelmed by your love and generosity, and full of paper cuts from the cards and leftovers from our 2 a.m. trip to Little Pete’s diner.

Shout-out two friends who partied a little too hard:

Melissa Barrett (bridesmaid), 11:28 a.m. July 26: “My snapchat story from when Mariah    came on looks like the Blair Witch project.” (In case you missed it, DJ Shawn Ryan played this for us last night to celebrate Christmas in July)

Chris Stover (Temple News friend), 11:50 a.m. July 26: “I want to chop my head off.”

We hope our traveling guests made it home safely. Stay tuned for a few more updates and photos. Lots of Instagram photos are already available for your enjoyment.

Love, Shannon and Chris


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