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No cameras during the ceremony, please

We’re so excited to celebrate our wedding with family and friends, and we even created #mcwink15 so everyone can share their photos and thoughts in one place — with one exception.

We’re having a device-free, camera-free ceremony. Here’s why: Continue reading No cameras during the ceremony, please


Meet the best man

The best man is Michael Butler, whom I first met when I was in seventh grade.

We’ve gone on a road trip together nearly every since 2005 — hiking Zion National Park, white water rafting in Colorado, spelunking in Kentucky and dolphin swimming in Biloxi. We’ve also taken a few international trips in their days together, including time in Panama and Ireland. Continue reading Meet the best man

Welcome to our wedding website

Welcome to our wedding website!

We created this website so family and friends can stay informed throughout the process and get details about our wedding.

Here you’ll find pages at the bottom of the website about us, our engagement, the venue and more. And between now and our wedding, we’ll post new information in the main section of the website about the planning process, celebrations and milestones.

To get email updates, add your email address in the box on the right-hand side of the site.

See you at the wedding!