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Meet the bridesmaids

Our wedding party will be fairly small, and selecting bridesmaids for me was a no-brainer.

Amanda Boland, whom I’ve known since fifth grade, will be my maid of honor. I walked around the corner to her house one night in late August and gave her one of these with a little note inside.

Her first maid of honor duty was helping me put together similar gifts for the three bridesmaids — our best friends, Melissa Barrett, Sara Scholl and Leanne Salvadore. Continue reading Meet the bridesmaids

No cameras during the ceremony, please

We’re so excited to celebrate our wedding with family and friends, and we even created #mcwink15 so everyone can share their photos and thoughts in one place — with one exception.

We’re having a device-free, camera-free ceremony. Here’s why: Continue reading No cameras during the ceremony, please