When to arrive for the ceremony (and other burning questions)

Hi, everyone!

We look forward to seeing you all next weekend, and wanted to answer a few questions:

When does the ceremony start?

6 p.m. We have a pretty tight photo schedule between the ceremony and dinner, so we’ll get started right away (that’s the plan, anyway!)

What time should I get there?

5:30 p.m. The vendors will be setting up until then, so getting there earlier isn’t really an option. But if you should get to Center City with time to spare, walk across the street to beautiful Rittenhouse Square.

When’s dinner?

8 p.m. The ceremony will be about a half-hour long. We’ll do cocktail hour, photos and some other fun stuff before dinner. There are plenty of tables, but no assigned seating. Three dinner stations serving chicken, pasta and sushi will be spread throughout the venue, so you can eat where and when you like.

Where should I park?

More info here

What should I wear?

We’ve gotten this question a lot and there’s no great answer. This isn’t black tie, and everything is indoors and air conditioned. Here’s what we’re wearing.

Is there an after party?

Probably. We haven’t settled on anything yet, so listen for an announcement from the DJ.


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