Access our registry and honey fund

Less than six months to go and things are moving along! We’ve chosen our wedding bands and ordered invitations, and have been working with the ceremony performer and DJ to find the right songs.

We got rid of a TON of stuff in anticipation of the registry so we could take stock of what we really need. We challenged ourselves in November to give away the number of items every day that corresponds to the date (so one thing each on the first, 15 thing each on the 15th, etc). We dropped off boxes at Circle Thrift, our neighborhood thrift store, every weekend. So now our registry is ready and there are two ways to get us a gift, if you’d like.

Traditional Registry

You can access our gift registry here, or via the sidebar on this website. We realize many of these gifts are pricy. We feel very fortunate to already have a house with the basics and then some, so the registry includes just a few items that we’ve been looking forward to getting as we continue to upgrade our house. We encourage gift-sharing, so if two or more people want to split a gift, that’s great!

We registered for items from several different stores, but you can access everything in one place. Just about everything is also available in stores, and/or can be ordered from somewhere else online that might have a sale.

Honey Fund

We love to travel, and will visit Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands for our honeymoon. If you’d like to give us a gift that way, just visit our honey fund account where you have the option to buy us a meal, help with the cost a flight or give us a chance to do some snorkeling on the islands.

We’re so grateful for everyone’s love and support. See you July 25th!


One thought on “Access our registry and honey fund”

  1. By the way, we (my son and I) really love the hashtag. We think you should BOTH change your name to McWink after you get married!


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