No cameras during the ceremony, please

We’re so excited to celebrate our wedding with family and friends, and we even created #mcwink15 so everyone can share their photos and thoughts in one place — with one exception.

We’re having a device-free, camera-free ceremony. Here’s why:

  • We hired a very talented photographer to take photos, and let’s be real here, your iPhone photos won’t look as nice.
  • Flashes from your devices can make it harder to take professional photos, and look funky in the background.
  • We want to see your faces, not your phones, in the background of our ceremony photos.
  • We want you to focus on our very personal ceremony, not trying to find the right angle.
  • The ceremony will be short, and you can back to snapping and uploading photos as soon as it’s over.

Not to worry, we’ll make an announcement ahead of the ceremony to remind everyone to silence and put away all their devices.  We love you, but we don’t love these kinds of photos. Thanks so much for respecting our wishes!

-Chris and Shannon


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